How to add page flipping to PDF and export it as html

The presentation of PDF might be a little bit dull for a stylish website. Page flip is a nicer way to differentiate. This tutorial is about how to add page flipping effect to PDF book or document and export the file as html, which can be directly uploaded and presented on your site, without a bit of programming.

Basically page flip like what they do in apple’s iBook – realized on web, is a process of JavaScript programing. It might be a little daunting for webmasters who doesn’t particularly digging coding. But no worry, there are highly sophisticated software solutions around that are able to add page flipping to PDF and make the file available for web in a few of clicks of mouse

How to add page flipping effect to PDF and export it as html that is available for uploading to a website


We will utilize a software called page flip, like what its name suggests the software is designed to convert PDF files into flip book, either in html or flash. Both can be directly uploaded and presented on a website. The software has many polished templates, themes available, but the options of crave out a highly stylish look is also presented.

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The step by step guide

The process can be very straightforward, download page flip, choose templates, export it as html or flash. It can be diverse and complex if you willing to dive in the customization. You can define book proportions, margin size, shadow manually, set background colors or image, insert music or choose covers for the book.


Will the hyperlinks remain after the conversion?

Yes, flip page import hyperlinks, bookmarks and text from the original PDF file, they can all be preserved.

How exactly can I publish the page flipping book online?

Well, export it as a html file, same as what you do with the static pages, just drag it to your database through filezilla or something. You can also upload the file into our server in the app, no ftp tools required.

How can I monitor the statistics of the page flipping book? I normally use Google analytics.

You can embed your Google analytics code to the page flip with the software’s built in functionality.

free-downloadDownload For Windows

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