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How to save multiple webpages as PDF

How to save multiple webpages as PDF with original layout, formatting and links retained. Some useful, entertaining online books or documents can only be accessed from the publisher’s websites, this form of reading requires internet connection which could be unable to achieve or costly if you are travelling or in an area with no wireless […]

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How to print multiple PDF files in a folder without open each

It could be mind-numbing when your whole day dedicated to open a PDF, click print, wait, then open next PDF file… there’s an application could drastically facilitate and simplify the process of printing multiple PDF files by printing the folder where the PDF files resided, rather than open each and click “print”. The PDF batch […]

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How to add page flipping to PDF and export it as html

The presentation of PDF might be a little bit dull for a stylish website. Page flip is a nicer way to differentiate. This tutorial is about how to add page flipping effect to PDF book or document and export the file as html, which can be directly uploaded and presented on your site, without a […]

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How to find and replace text in multiple PDF files at once

I would like to remove a link that has been added to a set of files. To do it manually would be extremely boring, I am thinking if there’s any solution to facilitate this process? Finding and replacing text in PDF file is inherently hard because the graphical nature of PDF file, but there’s software […]

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How to remove printing restriction from PDF file

Well it is awkward to find the people who send you this printing restricted PDF file which will be distributed in a meeting in coming seconds doesn’t even aware of the existence of an owner password. What to do? The simplest way is to remove the printing restriction from this PDF file with PDF restriction […]

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