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How to print multiple PDF files at once

If you have a lot of printing work to do, traditionally, you will have to sit and open every PDF file and click print. That’s laboring and unproductive, and we are here to save you from the misery. Download For Windows PDF batch print is specially engineered to tackle this kind of problems, after downloading and […]

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How to make an android book app from a PDF file

Android has sweeping through the world, if you are a writer, the Google play store is a place you don’t want to miss, most likely you have dedicated your time and mind to writing good content instead of learning java which is the fundamental of building an android app. But no worry, my friend, you […]

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How to convert PDF to flipbook on mac

The good ole’ PDF just won’t cut it anymore for folks who want the presentation and content be more united. Now the presentation needs to be more interactive, animated, powerful than a simple sheet while being clean and neat. Flipbook fits, a new flash/html based page-flipping presentation method for books and documents published on the […]

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How to add page number to PDF file

Simple things as adding page number to your PDF document can be surprisingly expensive to achieve. PDF file format is made to be secure and dependable, once saved as PDF, it is hard to make change unless you shell big bucks for the adobe acrobat pro. But if it is light editing work like adding […]

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How to print secured PDF

You just received a PDF file which needs to be printed immediately and spread in the ongoing meeting from a clueless sender who doesn’t aware the existence of a password that restricts the PDF from printing, you click on the print button, but nothing happened… I hope you are not really in such a urgent […]

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