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How to save multiple webpages as PDF

How to save multiple webpages as PDF with original layout, formatting and links retained. Some useful, entertaining online books or documents can only be accessed from the publisher’s websites, this form of reading requires internet connection which could be unable to achieve or costly if you are travelling or in an area with no wireless […]

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How to make an android book app from a PDF file

Android has sweeping through the world, if you are a writer, the Google play store is a place you don’t want to miss, most likely you have dedicated your time and mind to writing good content instead of learning java which is the fundamental of building an android app. But no worry, my friend, you […]

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How to converted scanned PDF file to word on mac

Generally there are two types of PDF files, type one can be created by adobe acrobat pro, Microsoft office and other PDF editors. The other is created by a printer where books, invoice or paper documents get scanned into a PDF file. Scanned PDF are basically image files, large file size, not subdued for change. […]

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How to convert scanned PDF to ePub

EPub file format is a free and open eBook standard designed for reflowable content, meaning you can zoom in and out or change the font and size of the text of the eBook while reading. Scanned PDF is much more limited, they are basically images, large, unable to change, sometimes password protected and restricted from […]

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