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How to convert MKV to YouTube on Mac OS X Yosemite

Well, I am bit of a tech newbie, so this question is probably going to sound silly, but I have come across a lot of MKV files lately, what are they and how can play them on my computer, or better yet, how can I upload them to YouTube? Cheers. MKV is an open source […]

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How to cast DVDs and local files through Chromecast

Chromecast the little TV dongle can do a lot more than just stream movies from Netflix and YouTube or view webpages on the big screen, it can also cast local files with the Google cast browser extension, it might be rarely known that Google chrome the web browser is also a very capable video player, […]

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How to convert flv to MOV on Mac

Flv – the flash video are wildly popular on the internet, if you happen to get the knowhow about how to download a video from YouTube or Vimeo, you’d find out that the videos you downloaded are in flash video file format, with the file extension of .flv. The flv format, in a sense, is […]

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How to play WMV movies on iPad air

WMV refers to windows media video file, it is widely used in web download videos, windows video editing software output, cameras and camcorders, as its name suggests, WMV is designed by Microsoft for using in windows machines, naturally, it doesn’t enjoy much support on apple ecosystem and the iPad air can’t play or edit WMV […]

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How to convert WMV for editing in iMovie

WMV, the windows media video file, as its name suggests, it’s not likely to have much support on a Mac platform. If you have a WMV video clip you’d like to edit out on your MacBook with iMovie, a little bit of file conversion is required. How to convert WMV to iMovie supported file format […]

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