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How to convert AVI to MOV on Mac (Mavericks)

AVI file wrapper or container format was introduced by Microsoft, normally contains video files encoded with Divx, Xvid or mpeg codecs, it is widely used in digital video cameras because its ability to keep the file size small while without losing too much quality. Due to its linage, the road of using AVI file type […]

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How to import avi to iMovie

AVI file format introduced by Microsoft is widely used by video cameras/camcorders for its ability to keep the file size down and keep the video quality up. Since it is introduced by Microsoft, there’s bound to be some issues if you are a mac guy/girl who tried to work with AVI in iMovie. For instance, […]

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How to add windows media center recorded TV shows to iTunes

Windows media center might be the most underrated software bundled with windows vista and windows 7, offering a slick, succinct interface for watching and recording TV shows, listening to music and enjoying photo slideshows, and more. But there’s a catch, TV shows recorded with windows media center are encoded in WTV (DVR-MS on windows vista) […]

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How to play MKV with dts on Samsung galaxy tab

Samsung galaxy tab is the champion of android tablets, and acclaimed by folks who likes to watch movies on the device for its powerful chip to smoothly decoding/playback HD movies and the brilliant, vibrant screen to present the motion pictures. Although the galaxy tab is considered to be very versatile in handling different kinds of […]

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How to play MOV movie on Sony TV from a USB stick

Sony Bravia HDTV series are good looking, popular hardware that sports some really convenient, interesting features. You can attach a USB stick with movie files to the TV’s USB port and play movies right from the USB stick. It’s convenient and hassle free compared with blu-ray or xbox 360. Still, there’s a catch, the file […]

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