How to convert flac to mp3 for Spotify local file

Spotify has a nice feature to avoid ads, by uploading your own file to the Spotify local file library. if the current music is from the local file, the timer to calculate when to play ads will stop, if your library is solely made of music from local file, you don’t have to listen to ads at all. The only gripes about Spotify’s local file is, it doesn’t support as many file types as users may want, flac, is not supported. To upload a flac music to Spotify, you will need to convert Spotify to a supported file format, among which mp3 is the ideal choice. It doesn’t diminish the audio quality of the original flac sound, it also keeps the file size down, which directly bring benefits to the storage and mobile data plan usage.

The tutorial about how to convert flac to mp3 for Spotify

Download flac to mp3 audio converter, the software is a transcoding software that does an excellent job in preserving video/audio qualities through transcoding. The software has both windows and mac version.

Download for Windows       Download-for-MacDownload For Mac

Import flac files to the transcoding software.

Set output audio format as mp3

Start to convert, transcoding is generally a computing intensive, time consuming task, stay cool.

While the conversion is completed, upload the files to Spotify’s local file

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