Convert iTunes audiobook to Samsung galaxy s3

Audiobooks purchased from iTunes store are in m4b file format, for certain reasons that the m4b files are under protection of apple’s FairPlay DRM, which limits the availability of the audiobook to up to five computer and apple devices. To play an m4b file on Samsung galaxy s3, the DRM protection needs to be stripped and the m4b file format to be altered to mp3 that is supported by Samsung galaxy s3.

DRM media converter is a nice solution to address m4b files since it’s a combination of DRM removal tool and video conversion tool. It removes the FairPlay DRM system from m4b and converts m4b to mp3. Of course Samsung galaxy s3 supports multiple audio format forms, among which, mp3 is the most practical one.

This is a detailed guide to convert iTunes audiobook to Samsung galaxy s3


  1. Download DRM media converter
    Download For Windows
  2. Click “add”, Load iTunes audiobook files to m4b DRM media converter
  3. In the “audio files to” menu list, select mp3 as the target format to convert to
  4. Click “start” to begin the conversion. There’s no need to specifically remove the DRM protection, which, will be removed during the conversion
  5. Go to the destination folder and cut and paste the DRM-free mp3 audiobook to your samsung galaxy s3 with usb.


What is the file format of iTunes audiobooks?

iTunes audiobooks are encoded with m4b file format, the m4b file is embedded with iTunes DRM protection that prohibit the file from unauthorized use. The iTunes audiobook file will be allowed to play on up to five computers besides apple media players. Galaxy S3 is not included, to play iTunes audiobook on Galaxy S3, check out the guide above.

Is Galaxy S3 support to play iTunes audiobook m4b file?

Galaxy S3 is able to play m4b file as long as there’s no presence of DRM. Galaxy S3 is powerful in handling various media file types.


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