How to convert iTunes m4v to nexus 4

M4V is the encoding method used by apple for its video rental and purchase content on iTunes store, m4v files are normally embedded with digital rights management – apple’s very own fairplay DRM. The management embedded in a m4v movie or TV show helps to restrict user from accessing the video on devices other than apple, such as google’s latest flagship – nexus 4. Sucks, right? If you are hesitant now to pull the trigger on nexus 4 because as a previous iPhone/iPad/ipod owner, chances that you will lose all your investment made in iTunes store by making the jump to the android’s finest. Well, note my word my friend. Go get what you love not the most suited. This article will tell you about how to make your iTunes purchase available on a nexus 4.

How to convert iTunes m4v to nexus 4 supported file format.


There are applications that locate and remove the DRM and convert the m4v file format to a suitable file type for nexus 4. For video playback on nexus 4, mp4 file format is a favorable choice, the benefit of output the video as an mp4 also appears when you put the video on other type of media players such as an android 4.2 tablet or portable media players like archos

Okay, the step by step guide to play m4v on google’s nexus 4

  1. Download nexus DRM media converter, the software is able to take down the DRM protection embedded in m4v file and decode/encode the m4v to mp4
    Download For Windows
  2. Setup the software and click open. As you will notice the software is very straight forward, no requirement to manually find and remove the DRM, what you need to do is to add your m4v files by clicking “Add files” button or simply dragging your files to the software. Set output video format in the profile menu as mp4. Then click “Start”
  3. The software will then get busy, video encoding is generally a computing intensive task, so spare a little patience if you are sitting in front of old and glorious machine,
  4. Go to the folder where the converted mp4 file is stored and connect your nexus 4 with compute via USB under mtp mode, transfer files to nexus 4

Now the m4v files are free from the DRM dictatorship and available to be played on the gorgeous screen of nexus 4

Tip: there are plenty more than capable video player apps on the play store, like the mobo player and mx player, if there’s any glitch when playing the film like lagging or missing sound, you can switch to software decoding, normally all common problems will be solved.

The DRM media converter is a windows only application

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