How to convert MKV with dts audio to iPad

You may already find out that neither apple nor iPad is particularly open about the idea of diversity or compatibility. The iPad is a great handy media center but it doesn’t handle as many types of video files as we wish it could. MKV, on the other hand, is a container file, it can contains video, audio as well as subtitles or meta information about the movies. So there’s no telling exactly what kind of MKV files an iPad can play or can’t play. But most of the high quality movies are encoded with MKV files with h.264 video and dts audio, the problem to the iPad is the dts audio, which is a multi-channel audio file type used in surrounding sound. To play a MKV movie with dts surrounding sound on an iPad, you will need to convert the MKV file to something that is within the iPad’s compatibility to handle, such as mp4 or mov.

Step by step guide to convert MKV with dts to iPad

  1. Download video converter for MKV with dts audio, the software is for computer, it can operate on pc or mac, but not on an iPad, if you are reading this article on your iPad, you may need go to your pc or mac to use the software
    Download for Windows       Download-for-MacDownload For Mac
  2. Add your MKV movies to the video converter application
  3. Set output video format as h.264 mp4, clicking “setting”, set the video codec as h.264 and audio codec as AAC.
  4. Convert MKV with dts audio to iPad
  5. When the conversion is over you will be able to find the mp4 video in the destination folder, add the mp4 to iTunes and sync the movie with your iPad

Note: considering video conversion is generally a computing heavy task, the process may take time, also if your computer is a relic you may want to add one movie at a time for the software to process.

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