How to convert Samsung Galaxy S3 voice recording 3ga file to mp3

3ga voice recording file is similar to a 3gp file, used for storing sound recorded by cell phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, sometimes 3ga file needs to be converted to a more popular file format for editing or playback on media players that doesn’t support the file format, and mp3 is the choice. Mp3 is hands down the most popular audio file format around, its ability to keep the file size relatively small and keep the audio quality up is the reason we choose it as the targeting format

How to convert 3ga to mp3

Transcoding can be done with many converter apps, as long as the 3ga and mp3 codec are included in the software’s codec pack.

Step by step guide

Download 3ga to mp3 converter, install and launch the application

Download for Windows       Download-for-MacDownload For Mac

Add 3ga audio files, and set output audio format as mp3

The converter also sports some editing trick like trimming, which can be handy when the 3ga voice recording contains silent part or something, you can also join two pieces of Samsung Galaxy S3 voice recording using the join feature

Convert 3ga to mp3

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  1. Mo.Tarkeshi
    Posted November 8, 2014 at 10:17 pm | Permalink

    very nice
    but i whant voice convertor not vidio convertor

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