How to convert scanned PDF to ePub

EPub file format is a free and open eBook standard designed for reflowable content, meaning you can zoom in and out or change the font and size of the text of the eBook while reading. Scanned PDF is much more limited, they are basically images, large, unable to change, sometimes password protected and restricted from copy or select. A scanned PDF simply won’t pull off the most enjoyable reading experience on eReaders like nook, iPad or nexus 7. If you have already digitalized your library by scanning all your paperback books to PDF file, by all means, don’t stop there, keep going and OCR all your scanned PDF to ePub for better reading on eReaders like nook or iPad

Talking about eBook management, there’s one app that can’t be overlooked – caliber, which is a great app for managing eBooks and converting eBook format between PDF, mobi, ePub or plain text. One thing to gripes about is its lack of OCR support. The optical character recognition technology is vital for converting a scanned PDF to ePub, as mentioned, scanned PDF are images. The only viable solution of turning a text decorated image to a resizable, editable text file like ePub is to use the scanned PDF to ePub converter, a PDF conversion tool with advanced OCR technology embedded. The scanned PDF to ePub converter is able to accurately read and reflect the scanned PDF text and encode the text into an ePub file, which will be welcome for eReaders like iPad, nexus 7, kobo, Sony reader…

How to convert scanned PDF to ePub

Step 1: download PDF to ePub converter

free-downloadBuy For Windows                  Download-for-MacBuy For Mac

The pro version of the PDF conversion tool is equipped with OCR feature and the ability to decrypt secured PDF files, which will be handy if you have a restricted scanned PDF file


The software is available on windows and mac

Step 2: import scanned PDF to PDF to ePub converter

Drag and drop the file, after adding the file, a prompted windows will inquire what language is written in the scanned PDF file, do select. It will drastically affect the final result of converted ePub file. Also, click “enable OCR”

Say you scanned your Ulysses into a PDF file, it is recommended to split the PDF file into several smaller files for the software to process, for the sake of efficiency and stable performance.

Step 3: set output file format as ePub


EPub is the one among many choices, if you want to make change to the scanned PDF file, you can convert scanned PDF file to word document or plain text.

Step 4: convert scanned PDF to ePub

The conversion normally won’t take a minute.

free-downloadBuy For Windows                  Download-for-MacBuy For Mac

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