DRM media converter– a simple method to migrate your iTunes stuff outside the lovely cult

Should we be locked by the chain of DRM? No? The evolution of DRM clause has made many of us the casualty of the clash of titans. You can’t view your iTunes stuff on your Google nexus tablet, because apple and big G are enemies. And enemies don’t support each other. Once in the cult, you are locked to the cult for life, want to migrate to the free land of Google? No way! You are tied with your investment which will be totally useless on any other platform. So? Put off the devilish thought about leaving the apple kingdom that served you so well over the years and spending more!

Well, the Google fanboy rant is over. What left us to do? If DRM is the problem, then we should free the iTunes media file, movies, music, audiobooks and TV shows from the DRM, a simple method present itself – the DRM media converter. The software is a combination of DRM removal tool and transcoding tool. It makes the DRM protected files available for other platforms. It works on iTunes stuff as well as DRM media content conjured by amazon or Microsoft. The software converts DRM media files to hundreds of different video, audio file format as you see fit. So, it’s pretty much the ultimate terminator for DRM

How to use DRM media converter

The software is very simple on its shell, the DRM removal process can be completed with the software through a few clicks


Download DRM media converter

Download For Windows

Add files by dragging the file onto the software, or click “add files” to import the DRM protected m4v, wmv, m4b, m4p to the DRM media converter

Set output media format

There are a few file formats that are accepted by most of the hardware and software around. For videos, the safest bet is mp4 and for audio, mp3.

Set destination folder if needed, else the software will create a new folder to store the DRM free files in the software folder

Click “start”, sit and wait for a few minutes

Go to the destination folder and round up your converted video and put them whatever devices you’d like

Media files can be handled by DRM media converter

The DRM media converter can also functions as a screen recorder, makes it pretty much almighty in a way for removing DRM. Well, it’s a freaking screen recorder! Anything can be played on your computer screen is recorded by the app and transcoded to the appropriate file format. So, that’s all the stuff played on your computer, including: downloaded amazon instant video, the higher quality download version that is exclusive for playing on windows with amazon unbox player. Not so exclusive any more. The Microsoft encrypted WMV video files. How can we forget the good ole’ iTunes? ITunes movies and TV shows in m4v file format, iTunes audiobooks in m4b file format, as well as m4p music files

Don’t be afraid of jumping ships, your iTunes investment will be safe on the other end