How to embed mts video in keynote presentation

Keynote support online video embedding, but say the place where the meeting is held has a spotty, unreliable internet connection that likely give you the embarrassment of buffering, it will be a lot easier and safer to just have your video locally on the computer and embed the video in keynote presentation.

Still, there’s one problem. Keynote doesn’t support mts video file format, which is the most popular video file type used by consumer HD camcorders. To embed a mts video into keynote presentation, you will need to convert the mts video to a supported file type

How to embed mts video in keynote presentation

Download video converter for mac, the software will be able to be able to convert mts to mov or mp4, video file types that are included in the support list of keynote.

Download for Windows       Download-for-MacDownload For Mac

Add mts video to video converter for mac, set output video format as mov

Convert mts to mov.

In the keynote slide, click embed videos and navigate to the destination folder where the converted mov video resided, select and embed.


Keynote supported file format?

On a mac environment, the QuickTime media player is the standard, if a video can be played with the QuickTime media player, then it can be added to iTunes, or embedded and played in a keynote presentation.

Can I embed a DVD clip into a keynote file?

The dvd needs to be ripped into an appropriate digital video format like mp4 or mov, this process can be done by dvd rippers like handbrake

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