How to add page number to PDF file

Simple things as adding page number to your PDF document can be surprisingly expensive to achieve. PDF file format is made to be secure and dependable, once saved as PDF, it is hard to make change unless you shell big bucks for the adobe acrobat pro. But if it is light editing work like adding page number or label text or links on the PDF page needs to be done, it is really no need to pay the hefty price. There are a lot of affordable, more specialized PDF editors out there that will suit your needs better, like the PDF number pro.

What is PDF number Pro

The software is a PDF editor app geared to label PDF files by adding page number in batch. The software is lightweight, very specific and fast.

PDF number pro doesn’t require the presence of adobe acrobat pro

PDF number is able to add page number, text, dates as well as suffix and prefix to the PDF page, it also allows you to specific the position of the page number or dates on the PDF page

How to add page number to PDF

Download PDF number pro, install

Download for Windows

Start the program, selecting PDF file, if the file is restricted from editing or printing, input the owner password to unlock the file


There are several customization can be done with the PDF number pro, you can change the font of the text size, specific the position where the page number will be added on the PDF page, you may want to define the range of the PDF file that you’d like to add page number on.

When the desired effect is achieved, click “number” to add page number on all selected pages of the PDF file, the original PDF file will be overwritten. Click “number and save as”, same effect but the original file remains and a new, page number labeled PDF file will be created.


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