How to batch add transparent watermark to PDF file

It is tiresome to manually add watermarks to every page of that monstrously large PDF document. With PDF watermark, the colossal repetitive work can be done automatically and lightning fast. The PDF watermark software is also a watermark maker which enables you to create smart watermarks, we will explain how smart it is later

Download the PDF watermark app.

free-downloadDownload For Windows

Start the problem, the primary screen where all actions were taken presents.


Add PDF file you’d like to add watermark to, if the PDF file is restricted from editing, input the owner password to unlock the file

Now customize the watermark adding to the PDF file. The software supports multiple watermark file types like image, text, links, shapes and a PDF file as a watermark

Let’s take the text watermark as an example

Batch adding watermark to PDF file

Click “New text watermark”, in the configure window you can fill in the text of the watermark you’d like to present. The name of the watermark, note that name isn’t the text that presents in the PDF file as watermark, it’s just a reference. You can also set properties to define the font, color, weight and style of the text.

Now we need to make the watermark transparent, set the opacity value (ranging from 0 – 100) to make a satisfied transparency effect.


When the watermark is done and polished to the desired effect, you can save them to the watermark list window

Now batch add watermark to your PDF file. You can also set the range of page you’d like to add watermark by setting the starting and ending point

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