How to convert flv to MOV on Mac

Flv – the flash video are wildly popular on the internet, if you happen to get the knowhow about how to download a video from YouTube or Vimeo, you’d find out that the videos you downloaded are in flash video file format, with the file extension of .flv. The flv format, in a sense, is designed for web distribution, you will probably have a hard time to play the flash videos on your media players like iPad or iPhone, or editing the downloaded clips with iMovie on Mac. When you pack the iPad to a trip to the wild where the is beyond reach, it is still possible to watch your treasured YouTube video, by converting YouTube flv file to MOV.

The MOV file format, namely, apple QuickTime MOV, is developed by apple computer for watching and editing on both Macintosh and windows platform.

How to convert flv to MOV on Mac

  1. Download video converter for Mac, the software is packed with more than 70 kinds of video codecs, both flv and MOV are included in the codec pack. After the download is completed, proceed to install and start the software. The newly updated version has added support to Mac Mavericks.
    Download for Windows       Download-for-MacDownload For Mac
  2. Launch the app, you can either drag and drop the flv files to the main window or click the “file” button to load files to video converter for Mac.
  3. When the files are loaded, choose MOV as the output file format. Also, if you are about to put the videos on an iPad, you can simply choose the “iPad” option as the output video format, in this option all the key specs like video resolution, frame rate, bitrate has been optimized for playing on iPad, you can also explorer other via choices like iPhone, android tablet and other video file formats of which is best for your needs.
  4. There’s also the merge feature, if you have several short flv clips you’d like to combine into a whole MOV movie, check the merge button.
  5. Video conversion is actually a pretty cpu resource consuming task, to get the best performance of the software, you may want to put other running tasks on hold, hit the convert button.

When the conversion is done, you can add the flv video to iTunes and deploy it to iPad, iPhone or iPod, or load it in iMovie, final cut for editing, MOV is a universally supported file format, you can pretty much throw it to any devices you have and have fun.

Frequently asked questions

What is Flv file format?

Flv, flash video file format is developed by adobe for online video distributing, it’s widely adopted by online streaming website like YouTube, vimeo, modern portable devices like iPad, iPhone and current version of android devices doesn’t support flv file format because flv playback normally consumes considerable processing power and battery usage.

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