How to convert MKV to YouTube on Mac OS X Yosemite

Well, I am bit of a tech newbie, so this question is probably going to sound silly, but I have come across a lot of MKV files lately, what are they and how can play them on my computer, or better yet, how can I upload them to YouTube? Cheers.

MKV is an open source multimedia container format that is popular with TV shows and movies. It is like the advanced version of AVI but with more features and codec support, such as removable subtitles and multiple audio tracks… multiple choices of video players for playing MKV files on your Mac, the most featured packed and smoothest award no doubt goes to mplayerX for Mac.

How to upload MKV to YouTube?

MKV is essentially a container format and sometimes it contain videos or audios that aren’t natively supported by YouTube, WTV for instance. If you’re having trouble to get YouTube recognize or detect your videos when you tries the uploading, it’s probably because the video format are not recognized by YouTube. To upload an unsupported MKV video to YouTube, the contained video needs to be converted to something YouTube supported.

The step by step guide to convert MKV to YouTube on Mac

Also, besides this particular instance, one of the best ways to make sure you can play or use all of your videos, TV shows and movies on any devices, anywhere you go, is by making sure they’re all in same file format.

  1. Download the video converter for Mac, the software is viable on both windows and Mac. Even though it’s capable of doing a ton of other things, video conversion and transcoding is the software’s bread and butter. At its core it does a fantastic job of converting and transcoding videos from one format to another, while giving all the features, tweaks and options to make sure it plays smoothly. It’s one of the tools that is extremely easy to use, but also packed with deep features for endless tweaking if you prefer.
    Download for Windows       Download-for-MacDownload For Mac
  2. Load the MKV files to video converter, and set output video format as mp4. Mp4 is one of the natively supported format of YouTube, it’s light on size and does give noticeable loss on quality after conversion.
  3. Start the conversion. Time varies depending how much process power the computer can pull.

Now the conversion is completed, you will have no trouble to upload the MKV files to YouTube.

Frequently asked questions

It seems with every Mac OS X update, the supported media file format is dwindling, is this a thing and why is this happening?

I’m not sure exactly what’s happening, but if I were to hazard a guess it’s that OS X Yosemite and the newest version of iMovie are continuing with apple’s immigration away from QuickTime (which allowed for third party codec plugins, like CineForm) to AV foundation. the media framework from iOS that Apple has brought back across to OS X. Unlike Quicktime, AV Foundation only supports a limited set of video formats, and does not allow for external plugins that add support for other formats.

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