How to convert PDF to flipbook on mac

The good ole’ PDF just won’t cut it anymore for folks who want the presentation and content be more united. Now the presentation needs to be more interactive, animated, powerful than a simple sheet while being clean and neat.

Flipbook fits, a new flash/html based page-flipping presentation method for books and documents published on the web. It is interactive, videos and audios can be embedded in the file if needed, page flipping effect like what they did with iBook from iPad. It’s all fine and intriguing, yet the question is, how to convert the good ole’ PDF to flipbook on a mac, how to convert a simple PDF document to a sophisticated flash animation without you possess a shred knowledge of programming.

This can be easy with specially designed software

Flipbook for mac is mac exclusive software designed to turn PDF file into a flipbook for publishing online, as for the design for the flipbook, the software provides various neat template to choose from. It is also equipped with a capable editor which allows you to create unique, good looking design for your flipbook.


Step by step guide to convert PDF to flipbook with flipbook for mac

  1. Download flipbook for mac
    Download-for-MacBuy For Mac
  2. The software is made to be simple to use for writers and publishers who doesn’t familiar with programming. After launching the software, after a few click of mouse, you will have the desired flipbook converted from your PDF file
  3. Click “Import” to add PDF files to flipbook for mac
  4. Customize the output setting, the default setting is a clean and practical look. You can make a completely different impression by changing colors, shadow, or other dozens of the presentation properties
  5. Choose the output file type, html file is suitable for uploading to your website, choosing app, flipbook mac will output the PDF file to a executable mac application that is more suited for emailing, or local use.
  6. Convert PDF to flipbook on mac


Can flipbook be viewed on phones like android phone or iPhone?

Yes, the flipbook on your website is html based which can be presented on your phone’s browser.

Can the links on the PDF be retained after converted to flipbook?

Yes, the hyperlinks will be retained in the new flipbook.

Flipbook doesn’t process my file, it says that the PDF file is restricted from editing

Some PDF files are protected with owner password which restrict the file from printing, editing or copying, you can use PDF restriction remover to remove the restriction

How can I monitor the traffic of the flipbook?

Well it’s basically a html file, just same as the other pages on your website, add your Google analytics code on the proper position will do.

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