How to convert WMV for editing in iMovie

WMV, the windows media video file, as its name suggests, it’s not likely to have much support on a Mac platform. If you have a WMV video clip you’d like to edit out on your MacBook with iMovie, a little bit of file conversion is required.

How to convert WMV to iMovie supported file format

Download video converter for Mac, video conversion tools like this are of the same mechanic, the core is the media codec pack that contains popular file formats like mp4, MOV, WMV as well as professional, rarely seen file formats like MXF, ProRes.

Download-for-MacDownload For Mac

Locate the WMV files to be converted, drag and drop the files to the main screen of video converter for Mac. Or click the add button on the main screen to add files.

After the files added, choose output file format for the WMV movie, generally speaking, on Mac platform, QuickTime MOV is a preferable choice, you can also just choose “iMovie’ preset, which is optimized in settings such as resolution, frame rate, encoding for editing in iMovie. If you want to just edit the audio, to extract audio, set the output file format as one of the audio file type that supported by iMovie, such as MP3, AAC, M4A, AC3, etc.

Convert windows media video file to MOV for editing on Mac.

Frequently asked questions

iMovie supported file formats

Natively, iMovie handles




Apple Intermediate Codec – .aic

Apple Animation Codec – .aac

Motion JPEG/A – .mpeg



.mov, .mp4, .mkv are containers, if they contains one of the above, they can be handled by iMovie

AVI, DivX, windows media files like WMV and wma are need to be converted.

Does this method results in video quality loss?

Yes, since windows media files are not natively supported by iMovie, and will not be included in the list in foreseeable future, the files are to be transcoded, which results in quality loss.

What the video I recorded with windows media center? It has the extension wtv.

Wtv, windows media center recording is not supported by the video converter currently, if you still have access to a windows pc, use the windows media center to convert wtv to dvr-ms, video converter is able to convert dvr-ms file to MOV.

What is the best video format for editing in iMovie?

That depends, normally, QuickTime MOV does the job perfectly, but the converter also supports to convert the WMV file to AIC – apple intermediate codec is recommended to use with all HD workflows in final cut and iMovie. Also note that some popular formats like h.264 is good for watching, but not for editing.

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