How to copy text and image from a secured PDF file

Disclaimer: the method provided in this article can only be practiced on PDF files that you have the right to view and make change, the password to remove copy restriction is within your knowledge but somehow it is forgotten(multiple circumstances can be applied here).

How to copy content from a secured PDF file


Download PDF restriction remover – an extremely easy to use PDF utility that supports to remove copy restriction from secured PDF file. It is also capable of removing printing and editing restriction, say if you want to add a bookmark to a restricted PDF file, all you need to do is dragging the file to PDF restriction remover and let it roll

free-downloadDownload For Windows


The tutorial

As per mentioned this little app is easy to use, it’s simple. Works in a straight forward manner, adding the PDF files you want to copy from, click “start”, in a few seconds a new copy restriction free file is generated.


Can I crack the open password with PDF password remover?

No, the PDF password can only remove owner password which restrict the PDF file from printing, editing and copying. But to crack open a password protected PDF file you need something stronger, more decryption oriented, like

Can I remove adobe DRM protection embedded in my PDF books?

No again… regretfully, there are currently no technology to crack open a DRM protected PDF file, nor any talent who is interested in inventing it.

Save from copying, I’d like to inserting books in my secured PDF file, is this app gonna help?

Certainly, apart from enabling you to copying text and image from a secured PDF file, the software is also able remove editing restriction. After you PDF file being handled by PDF password remover, it is free for adding bookmarks or inserting comments

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