How to download Hulu videos is a streaming video service, by streaming it means that you have to be constantly online to watch the TV shows, movies along with its ads, it is a bit questionable to just take the videos offline to your hard drive without watching ads, but If you are stuck in somewhere Wi-Fi and cellular data doesn’t reach, like a flight or a train trip and you are start finishing up a TV show or a movie, it is somewhat justified to take the video offline… and this is how we do it.

How to download Hulu videos on windows or mac


Software like the Hulu downloader is a feasible, integrated method to download Hulu videos to computer, it combines a desktop client and a browser extension which, by default, detects if a downloadable online streaming media source is available. First, download the software. The software has separate versions for both windows and mac, both versions requires certain amount of computing power to achieve a rosy result, if you are watching this article on your iPad, it is recommended to relocate yourself to your powerhouse pc or mac to finish the task.

Download for Windows            Download-for-MacDownload For Mac

Install and launch Hulu downloader, click “download”, you can paste the url of the Hulu video page to the address bar to start the download, the program come with a built-in browser, while you are browsing, by default, when a video source is available the software will pop up a dialogue window to ask if you want to download this Hulu video, confirm if you do. You can also disable this in the settings menu.

The software also sports video transcoding functionality, the Hulu videos are downloaded as flv file format which can be problematic for some media players, smartphones and tablets. Click the convert button, in the new window you will be asked to choose a proper output file format, click on the device button, choose the right device the videos will be played on, convert. Or you can just convert the downloaded Hulu video to mp4, which is a great video file format for portable devices such as iPad or Samsung Galaxy tab, because its ability to keep the file size down and the video quality up.

Now the Hulu videos are downloaded and converted, transfer the files to your media player via USB cable, and enjoy.

Frequently asked questions

Does this software/method apply to youtube, Netflix?

Every sites has its own set of policies regarding content download, for youtube this program works well but for Netflix, it’s a little different, it is difficult to just download the Netflix video offline, but no one can stop you from recording your own screen, this software can also function as a screen casting tool to record movies from Netflix.

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