How to migrate iTunes m4v to windows RT

Windows RT is such a lovely novelty, it is able to pull off like media consumption champ while remains the ability to get you productive. The problem is, Windows RT is technically a window in terms of software ecosystem, the adoption of ARM chip make the old apps like iTunes or photoshop unavailable on the platform, i am not sure if apple will be willing to make iTunes for windows RT considering the fact that this thing is actively being saluted as the “iPad killer”. So, currently, may as well be in the future, your iTunes files like m4v and m4b will not be played on a windows RT computer because the DRM embedded in the file that restrict the file’s usage on only five computers and apple devices. Windows RT doesn’t falls into neither category.

So, what should we do? I say, if you are really intrigued by the first productive tablet, just go for it. If the thing that hold you from pulling the trigger is the iTunes DRM thing, chill my friend, it can be solved.

The guide to migrate your iTunes m4v, m4b and m4p files to windows RT


M4v is the file extension of mpeg-4 video files embedded with DRM protection, m4b the audio files used as the format for iTunes audiobook, m4p the music file used in music traded on iTunes afore 2009, after that apple successfully persuaded the publisher to drop the DRM. To make the m4v files DRM free and available for windows RT we will need an app called iTunes DRM media converter, the software is capable of DRM removal and video transcoding

  1. Download DRM media converter, install. ( NOTE: the software is not a windows RT app, if you are reading this article on a windows RT tablet, please relocate yourself to the nearest traditional pc)
    Download For Windows
  2. Start the program, the primary windows is the place where all actions will be taken
  3. Add m4v/m4b/m4p files to DRM media converter
  4. Set output media format, for video files the output format should be set as mp4, which is a very popular media format that is not only welcomed by windows RT tablet, but also nexus 10, iPad or any media player around
  5. Convert iTunes to mp4/mp3
  6. Go to the destination folder and migrate all your iTunes media file to windows RT tablet
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