How to migrate your iTunes stuff to Google’s nexus 10

What a month for technology, geeks has been blasted for a whole month with exciting or even potentially ground breaking announcement and release of products like windows 8, iPad mini. But what remains the biggest perk for Google fans is the debut of Google’s first big nexus tablet – the almighty nexus 10. With a screen which utterly defeat the one sported on the iPad called retina, the brand new and ever polished and improved android operating system, nexus 10 rightfully makes a lot of people intrigued. Some of them are from the world of apple, who has heavily invested in the iTunes store for music and videos. If you are one of this type who are intrigued by the nexus 10 but being hold back by the fact that, you may lose all your investment in iTunes by jumping to the other side. Be no fear, my friend, go get the nexus 10 and this article will tell you how to migrate all your iTunes movies, TV shows, music and audiobooks to the nexus 10

We casualties of the struggling warfare between the giant sometimes have to go down to DRM circumvention in order to use what we rightfully owns. This article will not illustrate the moral debate of whether it is justified to remove the DRM, we passed that, we will simply how to remove DRM from your iTunes stuff and make them available on your nexus 10


Okay, first download the DRM media converter, the software supports to remove DRM from iTunes movies and TV shows which are encoded in m4v file format, a type of mpeg-4 files, similar to mp4 but embedded with DRM, iTunes audiobook and songs in m4p and m4b file format. Those can’t accessed from nexus 10 due to DRM protection, which are about to be removed with the DRM media converter

Download For Windows

After the installation, launch the software, as you can see it is rather simple. Just drag the m4v, m4p or m4b files to the software and wait until they are imported to the DRM media converter

Set output video format, well except for the DRM embedded file, the powerful nexus 10 can pretty much handle all the video file types around, especially with video player apps like mx and mobo. So this step really comes down to personal preference, be it mp4, mov or wmv, it’s all fine

Start to convert. After a few minutes the converted, DRM free iTunes stuff will be sitting in the destination folder

Connect the nexus 10 and drag all your iTunes stuff to the tablet.

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