How to play iTunes audiobooks on Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the ultimate mobile computing machine that is capable of handling virtually any type of media codec you throw at it, at the hardware decoding level. However, one thing that the Samsung Galaxy S7 fails to perform brilliantly is to play DRM protected media files like the audiobooks published on iTunes. This is by no means Samsung Galaxy S7’s fault, the DRM system inhibited in the iTunes audiobooks dictate the file to be played exclusively on iTunes authorized platforms like iOS or Windows. Galaxy S7, sporting the android operating system, doesn’t have the iTunes support that enables the device to play iTunes DRM protected media, and it being the nemesis of iPhone isn’t helping either.

In this article, we won’t discuss the futility and harmful nature of the DRM mindset, instead we’re focusing on solving the practical problem, how to convert DRM protected iTunes audiobooks to Samsung Galaxy S7 supported files format.


The step by step guide:

  1. Download DRM media converter, the software is a DRM removal and video transcoding tool that is capable of converting DRM protected media files like iTunes audiobook m4b file to regular audio codec such as mp3 or m4a. Once the download is completed, install and launch the software.
    Download For Windows
  2. Load the iTunes files to DRM media converter, you can simply drag and drop the files to the software window to add the files. If you’re not sure where your iTunes files are located, go to iTunes – library, right click on an audiobook title and click “Show in file explorer”.
  3. After the files are successfully loaded, set the output audio format to your preferred file format, to name a few: m4a, mp3 are universal file format that can be played on Galaxy S7 as well as any other media devices.
  4. Start the conversion. The conversion can be a prolonged process if the program fails to strip the DRM directly, it will resort to record the audiobook into the specified format, if the alternative route is taken, the process will take as long as the length of the file.


About m4b

M4b is an audio codec derived from AAC but with added features that accommodate audiobook playback, such as the ability to “bookmark”. By converting m4b format to mp3 you lose these features, in exchange the converted audio’s universal compatibility.

About the Samsung Galaxy Edge

Edge sports the same internal as its standard Galaxy counterparts, so this tutorial applied to Edge.

About iTunes music

Luckily, for music lovers who bought a lot of music from iTunes, the music published on iTunes are not DRM protected since 2009, unless you have tunes that’s bought before 2009, they’re safe to go. As to DRM protected iTunes music, yes, they can be converted by the DRM media converter to normal file types such as mp3, m4a.

Can I keep the bookmark abilities of the iTunes file after they’re converted to mp3?

The converted audio itself is just common mp3 audio file, but a quick Google search for the term “bookmark android audio player” will bring up a lot of android media players that supports bookmark feature. You will still be able to bookmark your audiobooks but this time with the help of software.

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