How to play iTunes audiobooks on Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is a freakishly powerful handy device that’s capable of handling a myriad of media file formats from the humble mp3 audio to state of the art 4k video, however, when it comes to DRM protected media such as the audiobooks published on iTunes, the mighty Galaxy S8 is powerless. DRM – the digital right management system is a restrictive technology that prevents the host media file from being played on unauthorized devices. In the form of the Apple’s FairPlay DRM system, all media files embedded with DRM technology dictates the file to be played only on the purchasing iTunes account authorized devices, and these devices need to have iTunes installed, iPad, iPhone or iPod or a Windows computer.

There’s no iTunes for the android champion, to handle the DRM issue, we need to get creative. Since DRM is the culprit, we need to remove DRM from the iTunes audio books and convert the DRM protected media to a file format that’s supported by Galaxy S8

The step by step guide

  1. Download a DRM removal tool of your preference. There are several solid solutions around the market. DRM media converter, for instance, is a tested, sophisticated DRM removal tool that converts the DRM protected media such as iTunes audiobooks to regular file formats, it has a range of output file formats to choose from, the formats are categorized by target devices such as iPhone and Galaxy phones. The DRM removal category of software are all computer based, so you will need a computer to proceed further.
    Download For Windows
  2. Once you installed a DRM removal program, locate and load the iTunes audiobooks to the app by dragging and dropping the files to the app’s main window. To locate these files, open iTunes on your computer, go to library, right click on one of the titles you want to play on your Galaxy S8, then click “open in Windows file explorer”.
  3. Once the files are loaded to the DRM removal program, choose the output format as mp3, a common audio file format that’s optimized for playing on mobile devices since it utilizes an algorithm that makes the file small in size while retains audio quality of the original file.
  4. Start the conversion, the process can take a lengthy period of time, the decryption should be instantaneous, however if the software fails to crack the DRM lock directly, it resorts to record the whole audio into the selected file format, the recording will finish in a time period of the audio’s length.

Voila, now you can put the converted audiobooks to your Galaxy S8 and enjoy.

Frequently asked questions


What is m4b file? Why can’t I just change the file extension to m4a or something?

M4b is identical to m4a in terms of encoding and compression, however, m4a is DRM free, you can play a m4a file on Galaxy S8 without any problem, m4b is imbued with DRM technology that prevents the file from being played on devices like a galaxy S8, simply changing the file extension doesn’t changes its DRM status, so the file still won’t play on Galaxy S8 unless its encoding and lock is fundamentally changed.

Can I still bookmark an audiobook file after it’s converted to mp3?

The converted audio is just the normal mp3 file, which can be bookmarked with audio player apps as long as they support bookmark feature, however, the bookmarks left in the original DRM protected m4b files will be lost.


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