How to play iTunes movie with MX player on android

MX player is the most popular video player app on the android platform, it’s capable of playing various types of video and audio files through hardware decoding that taps gently on the battery. It’s powerful, buttery smooth and handles 4K ultra gracefully. It’s generally a great, capable, successful app thanks to the openness of Android. One thing though, if you were previously an iPhone owner who has made a lot of purchase on the iTunes store for movies and audiobooks, who recently made the switch from iOS to Android, you’re about to be exposed to some of the shady behaviors that plagues the tech industry.

What I am talking about is the DRMdigital right management system that prevents the host file from being played on unauthorized devices. The MX player, however powerful, intuitive an app can be, will fail when it comes to DRM protected files. The DRM system embedded in your iTunes movies prohibits unauthorized use of the files, Android, being the nemesis of iPhone, are naturally excluded from that rather thin compatible list.

To play the DRM protected iTunes movies with MX player on Android, we need to convert the iTunes files to something more common and friendly, like mp4. DRM combat tools are abundant considering the notoriety of DRM, DRM media converter is sophisticate, well-designed and supported, it’s capable of converting DRM protected iTunes files to various media file format that can be handled by MX player on Android.


The step by step guide

  1. Download DRM media converter, the software is a Windows exclusive, considering the computing intensive nature of video encoding/compression, there’s currently no mobile/Android alternative for this sort of task, so if you’re reading this on your Android devices, time to find a computer, the Windows PC need to have iTunes installed.
    Download For Windows
  2. Install and start the software. Load the iTunes files by drag and drop the files on the program’s main window. If you’re not sure where the iTunes files are located on your computer. Open iTunes, go to library, right click on the movie title, in the context menu choose “Show in Windows file explorer”, the folder that contains the iTunes files will open.
  3. Set output video format as mp4. Mp4 is generally considered to be a good file format for watching on mobile devices, because the compressing method is light on the size while manages to retain the quality.
  4. Start the conversion. The conversion will probably take longer than you thought.

The FairPlay DRM system

The FairPlay DRM is compromise devised by apple and publishing companies, by imposing the FairPlay DRM policy, iTunes media files including movies and audiobooks are allowed to be played only on iTunes authorized devices, devices like android or kindle which doesn’t have iTunes, are excluded from the compatible list.

The MX player

The MX player is the most popular Android video player app by far, it’s lightweight, capable of playing numerous types of video and audio files, but MX player isn’t capable of playing DRM protected media files like apple iTunes movies and audiobooks, Windows protected wma…

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