How to play iTunes movies and audiobooks on HTC 10

With the enhanced codec support, HTC 10 can pretty much handle any type of media files handily solely on its hardware level, but one thing even the mighty state of the art android warrior can’t do is to play media files embedded with DRM encryption technology. Unfortunately, movies and audiobooks published on iTunes falls to that group (iTunes music are not DRM protected though). Apple’s FairPlay DRM system restrict the file from being played on unauthorized devices, and to be fair, the compatible devices list is rather meager, aside from Apple’s hardware, only a Windows pc with iTunes installed and the correct authorization is allowed to play your bought and paid iTunes movies. HTC 10, being the champion of android, the archenemy of Apple’s iPhone, it’s not realistic to hope for an iTunes for HTC one in the foreseeable future.

So, we’re left with no choice but to step up the game a little bit, by removing the DRM protection from your movies and audiobooks.

The general opinion about DRM is unsurprisingly, no so sweet. DRM restricts the legitimate user and is futile to combat piracy, it’s original devised to protect the interest of artists, content creators, but now has evolved into a handy weapon for large media outlets like iTunes to smother competitions. If you’re determined to get rid of the DRM, the step by step guide below shows how to convert DRM locked media files to neutral, universal file format like mp4 and mp3:


  1. Download DRM media converter, the software is available on Windows platform.
    Download For Windows
  2. Load the movies and audiobooks by dragging the files to the software window and drop. You can locate your iTunes media files by going to iTunes – library, right click on any titles and choose “Show in file explorer”.
  3. Set output video format to your favorite file format, a recommendation for movie files is to use the MPEG-4 .MP4 file format for its advanced codec to compress the video in a relatively modest size while retaining a video quality that is true to the original. If it’s an audiobook file you want to convert, maybe set mp3 as the output file format.
  4. Start the conversion, the processing time can be lengthy if the program fails to strip the DRM code directly, in that case it will resort to record the iTunes files into the specified file format, which will take as long as the movie’s length.


Isn’t it simpler to just change the file extension from m4v to mp4? Why do I need to involve video transcoding?

M4v and mp4 both use the MPEG-4 video codec to compress the videos and at times they’re interchangeable. However, if the video files are embedded with DRM, simply changing the file extension doesn’t yield any useable video files, the file will still be locked and prohibited from being played on unsupported platforms like HTC 10. For now, DRM removal and video transcoding is the only way to handle DRM protected iTunes videos.

Does the DRM media converter works on phone? I don’t have a computer.

For now, no. DRM media converter is a Windows program that utilize video decoding/encoding technology at the moment is still too computing intensive even for the state of the art android flagships.

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