How to play iTunes movies and audiobooks on LG G6

The LG flagship is an unrelenting handy super computer that handles numerous media file formats effortlessly, however, when it comes to iTunes media, movies and audiobooks bought from the iTunes store, LG G6 faces a hard time due to the fact that all the media files mentioned are incorporated with DRM technology that prevents the host files from being played on devices that are not produced by Apple. You won’t have trouble playing these movies and audiobooks on your iPad, but if you want to make these files also playable on your LG G6, the DRM protected files needs to be converted to one of those universal file format such as m4v, mp4 or mp3.

Here’s the step by step guide to convert iTunes movies to LG G6

  1. Download a DRM removal program of your choice, the market is filled with sophisticated, tested solutions in dealing with DRM, DRM media converter, for instance, is a solid utility that simultaneously removes DRM and converts the video/audio files to a target format. Most of the DRM removal tools are computer based programs since the task of transcoding requires considerable computing power that’s too demanding for mobile devices.
    Download For Windows
  2. Once the download is completed, install and launch the application.
  3. Navigate to the folder where your iTunes movies and audiobooks are stored and drag the files you want to the DRM media converter window. This procedure loads the DRM protected files to the app and prepares them for conversion.
  4. Set output format. You can choose mp4 as the output format for videos and mp3 for audios. Both are universally supported file format that can be played on literally any media players around, including your LG G6.
  5. Start the conversion. The conversion can take quite a long while if you throw many titles to the app, if you find it unrealistic to sit through this process, you can set the app to close automatically or shut off the computer once the conversion is completed.


How do I find the iTunes movie files on my computer?

If you don’t know where your iTunes movies are located on your computer, start iTunes, go to library, right click one of the movies or audio files you want to convert, in the context menu, choose show in Windows file explorer, the folder where the iTunes downloaded files are stored will appear.

Does this guide also apply to iTunes music?

The mechanism of the DRM removal tool is to try cracking the DRM decryption first, if it fails at decrypting, it resorts to record the whole video/audio into an acceptable file format such as mp3 and mp4. As long as the video/audio file can be played on your computer with iTunes, it can be recorded by the DRM media converter and converted to an ideal target format. This applies to iTunes music. However, songs published on iTunes after 2009 doesn’t have DRM built in themselves, so unless you have music purchased from iTunes before 2009, you don’t have to worry about DRM removal, they can be played by powerful media devices like LG G6 on default.

How about audiobooks?

Like iTunes movies, audiobooks from iTunes are also DRM protected, the track can be added to DRM removal tool and converted to mp3, or any other supported file format as you see fit. You can’t preserve any bookmarks in the original soundtrack after the conversion.


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