How to play iTunes movies on Nexus 6P

The Nexus 6P is a marvelous smartphone that sports both sexy looks and beastly powerful internals. It is the best android phone you can buy, well, arguably the best phone you can buy. That is, if you were previously an iPhone owner and recently switched for a Nexus 6P, you might find a frustrating situation that all your movies, music, audio books that you purchased from the iTunes store are no longer working on your new phone. The reason for this shamefully contorted user experience is the fairplay DRM, the DRM tech were embedded within the media files and restrict the files from being played on unauthorized platforms, for iTunes movies and audiobooks, the eligible platforms are restricted to apple devices and Windows PCs, for anything else, especially the iPhone nemesis like the Nexus line, iTunes movies are simply unrecognizable files.

Well, we’re going to change that.

DRM’s purpose is to protect the content creator’s right by restricting unauthorized use, but in the light of recent events it has become more of a weapon for tech giants to restrict competition, meanwhile, hurting the users. So it’s not something that is agreeable with the market and there’s plenty of sophisticated solutions to combat DRM.

The DRM media converter is a tool that converts DRM protected media to regular video or audio files that can be played on any types of platforms, iTunes m4v movie files are converted to mp4, which the Nexus 6P will have no problem to play or manipulate.


Tutorial to convert iTunes movie to Nexus 6P

  1. Download DRM media converter to your Windows PC, the software developed exclusively for the Windows platform, so if you’re on your phone reading this article, this is the time to relocate to a Windows PC.
    Download For Windows
  2. Install and start the software, and import the iTunes movie files by either drag and drop the files to the software main window or click the “add” button, if you’re not sure where the iTunes files are located, open iTunes, right click on the title you want to convert and click “show in Windows file explorer”.
  3. Set output video format as mp4, even if you’re not familiar with all the techy talk, you must have encountered the friendly mp4 many times before, mp4 is a great file format for watching on mobile platforms with limited storage, because it keeps the video quality high while keep the file in a modest size.
  4. Now convert the iTunes movie to mp4.

After the conversion is completed, you can easily transfer the files to your Nexus 6P and enjoy.

Frequently asked questions:

Why can’t I just change the file extension .m4v to mp4? Does this do the same thing?

That depends, if the m4v file’s not DRM protected, then yes, you can simply change the file extension from m4v to mp4, and the file’s playable with any modern video players. But videos downloaded from the iTunes store are protected with the Apple FairPlay DRM that binds the files to computers authorized by the iTunes account. You can forcedly change the file extension to mp4 and put the files on your Nexus 6P, but it’s still not recognized and indexed by the phone or any video player apps. To play iTunes movie on an android device, you have to remove the DRM with professional software.

I have some audiobooks bought from iTunes, can I convert the audio files m4b with DRM media converter?

Yes, the DRM media converter has the backup method of recording audio/video from the source input. So yes, it can convert the iTunes audiobooks to mp3.

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