How to play MKV with dts audio on nexus 7

Portable media players like nexus 7, nexus 10 aren’t equipped with dts audio playback capability. Sometimes you drag a HD MKV movie to your nexus 7 and only got video playback but without sound, even with notable decoders like mx player or mobo player the dts audio still refuses to budge. So, what to do? Many HD movies or bluray rip are MKV files encoded with dts audio and it’s important to fully utilize our beloved little android power horse’s stellar screens to enjoy movies. So how to convert MKV with dts audio to a more appropriate video file format for nexus 7?

There are many video converter software around the market, most of them operates on windows or mac since video conversion is a computing intensive task that demanding more power than what an tablet can provide, so if you are reading this article on your nexus 7 or nexus 10, you will need to move to a computer nearby.

Step by step guide to convert MKV with dts audio to nexus 7

Download MKV video converter, the software is a cross platform application that support both windows and mac. The software has a codec pack that contains dts audio codec as well as other common file formats you may want to convert to.

Download for Windows       Download-for-MacDownload For Mac

Import MKV video with dts file to MKV converter

Set output video format as mp4, mp4 and both container files, by default, the mp4 file contains h.264/mpeg-4 video and aac audio, which will be easily handled by nexus 7

Convert MKV with dts to mp4

Go to the destination folder and drag the file to nexus 7 via USB


What is dts?

Multi-channel audio used in MKV files for surrounding sound, normally doesn’t play well with portable players like nexus 7 or nexus 10

What exactly are the video file formats supported by nexus 7

Many, or most of them around, especially with powerful video players apps like mx player or dice player.

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