How to play WMV movies on iPad air

WMV refers to windows media video file, it is widely used in web download videos, windows video editing software output, cameras and camcorders, as its name suggests, WMV is designed by Microsoft for using in windows machines, naturally, it doesn’t enjoy much support on apple ecosystem and the iPad air can’t play or edit WMV natively. If you have a collection of WMV files you’d like to watch or edit on an iPad air, or a MacBook pro, you may need to convert the WMV files to apple friendly file format like MOV, or mp4.

How to convert WMV for playing on iPad air.

  1. Download video converter, the software is available for both windows and Mac platform, if you are on a linux setup, try handbrake. Because tasks like video conversion requires considerable cpu power, it has to be done on a proper computer, there’s currently no app that is designed for iPad air to conduct video conversion, so if you are reading this article on your iPad air cozily in your sofa, please relocate yourself to your home power horse computer.
    Download for Windows       Download-for-MacDownload For Mac
  2. After the software is installed and launched, add WMV files by drag and drop or click the “add” button.
  3. Set output video file format as iPad, which is a presetting that is optimized for movie viewing on iPad’s retina display.
  4. Convert WMV to iPad. The conversion will take some time, after it’s finished, the videos will be automatically added to iTunes for transferring to iPad.

Note: if the WMV files are downloaded with amazon unbox player for viewing on windows pc, they are DRM protected files just like the iTunes movies, to convert the DRM protected files to common file format for viewing on iPad air, you will need the DRM media converter, which is also a video converter app but with the extra functionality to convert DRM protected files. The mechanics of the software is roughly the same as video converter. DRM media converter is currently available for windows only. There’s also other forms of DRM protected WMV movie files, they can be handled with DRM media converter without exception.

Download For Windows

Frequently asked questions

Can I set the output video file format as mp4?

Yes, this is down to personal preference, mp4 is actually a very nice file format for watching on portable devices, it keeps the file size down and keep the video quality up. But if the mp4 file is encoded with h.264, it will be difficult for editing. The presetting only serve as a suggestion, you can tweak the settings such as frame rate, resolution, bitrate to your perfection.

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