How to print secured PDF

You just received a PDF file which needs to be printed immediately and spread in the ongoing meeting from a clueless sender who doesn’t aware the existence of a password that restricts the PDF from printing, you click on the print button, but nothing happened… I hope you are not really in such a urgent situation, but if you are looking for a solution to print a secured PDF file, this will cut it.

PDF file can be restricted from printing by password security. Luckily, with proper software solution, the printing restriction can be easily removed, the PDF printing restriction remover is a desktop utility which specially engineered to tackle printing restricted PDF files

Okay, the step by step guide to print a secured PDF file

  1. Download PDF printing restriction remover, install and launch the software

    free-downloadDownload For Windows

  2. The software handles PDF decryption easily enough, after the printing restriction remover is installed, right click the PDF secured from printing, in the pop-up menu you will notice a new option “ remove restriction”, click on it the PDF file will be free from restrictions instantly.


  3. Open the PDF file and hit “print”.

The PDF restriction remover is also able to remove copy and edit restrictions from the PDF file. Generally, there are two types of password used in a PDF file, the owner password, set by the creator of the PDF file, can be apply to lock the PDF files from any tampering like modifying the content, copy text and graphics from a secured PDF file, split the PDF files. Also there is the user password, if the PDF file is passed to another person, who will be required to enter the correct password to open the PDF file to view the content.

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