How to record music from Pandora

Pandora is one of the first internet radio services, still the most popular one, the music offered by Pandora is not on demand, but it does a marvelous job to recommend music and bands you may love based on your playlist. Pandora is time limited and ad supported, if you want to keep the music locally on your hard drive, you can record the music that go through your ac channel with streaming audio recorder

The streaming audio recorder for Pandora does a great job in recording, it works on the very root of sound, not from the speaker, but from the audio chips on the motherboard of your computer. The recording will retains most faithfully to what the music should sound like, it is unobtrusive and smart in action.

Step by step guide to record music from Pandora streaming music service


  1. Download the streaming audio recorder, install and launch. The interface is very concise.
    free-downloadDownload For Windows
  2. Log on and play the music
  3. Click “Record” button on streaming audio recorder. You don’t have to super precise about the timing, the software will be able to recognize the silent part afore the music being played and cut it. The software is smart enough to tell the difference between a music and a ads by matching sound with its own online music library, delete ads and add meta information to the music like artists, album, or genre.
  4. Click stop to stop the recording from Pandora, again, you don’t have to be super precise.
  5. When a music file is recorded from, it is stored as mp3 file format. But other options are available, such as the m4r file format, which is the audio file format for iPhone.

The recorded file will be stored in the destination folder, drag it to anywhere you’d like the music to be played on

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