How to remove DRM from amazon prime instant video

Amazon instant video is very convenient for streaming if you have a Wi-Fi connection, for on the go use, it works well on a kindle fire where you can put the downloaded videos and watch them without internet connection. But of downloaded amazon videos, Amazon’s DRM is designed to restrict the use of the video to kindle fire and windows pc only. After you transferred the downloaded video to, say, your nexus 7, the files won’t play. This is because the files are embedded with digital right management that prevent the files from being used on devices other than kindle fire and amazon unbox player installed windows pc. And currently there’s no android or iOS version of amazon unbox player, so, to play the downloaded amazon instant video on your nexus 7 or iPad, the DRM needs to be removed from the amazon movie.

How to remove DRM from downloaded amazon instant video


DRM is controversial, it restrict the use of your property you paid and owned, in a not so subtle way, instead of fighting piracy, what DRM has achieved is mostly hurting legitimate users who actually pay for the content. So, there’s no short for solutions to combat DRM, to remove DRM from amazon instant video.

  1. Download DRM media converter. The software is a DRM removal/video conversion combination which converts the DRM media to DRM free universal file format. Say if you want to play the amazon video on iPad, you can’t just turn the DRM protected WMV file to DRM WMV because iPad doesn’t support WMV playback, the safe choice here is mp4, which is a nice format for watching for its small size and high video quality.
    Download For Windows
  2. While the amazon video has already been downloaded to the hard drive. Add the videos to DRM media converter by drag and drop the files to the software’s main screen or click “add”.
  3. Set out video format as mp4. As per said mp4 is a universal file format which is supported by most kinds of devices such as android, iPhone, iPad or other mp4 media players.
  4. Convert amazon video to mp4, after the conversion, the files will be DRM free and ready to be played on your portable devices locally.

Note: the conversion is probably going to take some time, you can do the conversion at night and set the software mode to shut down pc after conversion is completed, before go to bed.

Frequently asked question

Is MOV a better file format for playing iPad than mp4?

Not exactly. MOV and mp4 are both file containers, to use MOV, and mp4 in the article is because they are more popular terms than, say, h.264. Under the shell of MOV or mp4, more than likely, they are both using h.264 videos. So, they are practically the same.

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