How to rip Spotify music to mp3

Spotify is such a lovely service, the library is abundant for endless music joys, it even allows user to upload music to local file to avoid the annoying ads. Still, it is always better and safer to have your music locally, since music streaming service could fail when there’s no signal or data usage is already drained.

This is a tutorial about how to rip Spotify music to mp3.


Download Spotify ripper. The software is capable of recording audio output right from ac channel, all the sounds coming through your speaker will be turned into mp3 file and saved on hard drive. Say, if you are listening music on Spotify with the streaming music recorder running in background, the software will automatically record the music and convert it into mp3 audio files, detect and label the music file ripped from Spotify with meta tags like artist, album, name. The smart part is that, considering the ads exists on Spotify, the software is capable of recognize the ads and filter out the part when the ads played. It pulls this off by comparing the music with its own online music library, if there’s a loose part, the streaming music recorder knows it is not the Song but a piece of Spotify ads and cut it off.

free-downloadDownload For Windows

After launching the software you will find its primary windows presents itself. There’s not much buttons, not much fumbling around. The Spotify audio ripper is pretty much automatic. What you need to do is to click the “start record” button, log on and play your music library. There will be a silent period in between while you perform above tasks but no worry, the Spotify ripper is able to cut off the silent part automatically

As we mentioned this article is about how to rip Spotify music to mp3, the mp3 file format is the default saving file type of Spotify ripper. Alternatively, if you have other plans for the recorded Spotify music like making it a ringtone for iPhone, the Spotify ripper also has m4r file format its codec library for output

Okay, have fun

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