How to save multiple webpages as PDF

How to save multiple webpages as PDF with original layout, formatting and links retained. Some useful, entertaining online books or documents can only be accessed from the publisher’s websites, this form of reading requires internet connection which could be unable to achieve or costly if you are travelling or in an area with no wireless signals. Saving multiple webpages as PDF file locally is more convenient, safe and giving the online books a touch of an actual book.

Webpages are html files uploaded to an internet server, to convert webpage to PDF, the html should be downloaded and convert to PDF file format with proper html to PDF converters. This can be easily done with proper software solution

The step by step guide to convert multiple webpages to PDF

Download html to PDF converter, the software excels in its ability to convert batch html webpages to a well-organized PDF book that will look alike the original, with links, format and layout intact.

The online book to PDF converter is extremely to use, If it is a single web page you want to convert to PDF, right click the webpage, in the pop up menu select “convert to PDF”.

If multiple web pages are to convert to PDF, save all the webpages on your computer as html, then drag the html files to online book to PDF converter, click “convert to PDF”


Why save the online book as PDF?

Many books, tutorials and documents only offer online access, which could be inconvenient when you are in an area with spotty signal or your data plan is running out. Having the online book locally is always preferable than reading it with a web browser. Online books are basically web pages, you can save a single webpage as a html file on your drive and open the file with your internet browser. But if you prefer to watch the online book locally on portable devices like mobile phone, kindle or iPad, converting the online book to PDF file would be an ideal choice. PDF file is more portable than html file This is a tutorial about how to convert online book to PDF.

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