How to spy on HTC 10

How to spy on someone’s HTC 10, well the answer is shockingly easy. The HTC 10 itself is an Internet device that can be configured to collect and forward its information to a designated place, a spy app is a piece of code that can be installed on the target phone and does just that.

Before you head to set up the surveillance, make sure that you have exhausted of all measures to achieve a direct, cordial conversation.

The FlexiSpy monitoring software

What sets FlexiSpy from the rest of monitoring apps out there is its unique feature – the live phone call monitoring, which enables you to listen to all incoming and outgoing phone calls of the target phone, as the it’s happening. Whenever a call is placed from or received by the target device, you’re notified by the spy app and given the choice of tapping the phone immediately, if you choose to listen to the conversation, the spy app will set up a virtual conference call and add the talking party and you as the participants. You, as a member of the group call, listening discreetly and directly to the unsuspecting talking party thinking that they’re talking behind your back.

One thing to note, when you’re added to the group call, you’re a live participant, which means anything you say will definitely be heard by others, if you don’t mute your own mic, the background noise from your end may also be heard. Understandably, it’s hard to keep your cool when things said really burns you up, but remember that a spy collects evidence through surveillance and doesn’t blow his cover.

View live demo – how FlexiSpy looks and works.

 download-for-windows-icon1Download the Spy App

Features of FlexiSpy

Beside the bold live phone call listening, FlexiSpy has a few useful, sophisticated features up its sleeve.

Call logs

Detailed call log information’s collected off the phone and displayed in the dashboard. Logs of phone call duration, numbers and contact information of incoming and outgoing phone calls, time stamps are collected.

Phone call recording

Phone calls can be scheduled for recording, however this feature relies heavily on the internet quality during the phone call, if it’s less than optimal, the spy may lose a few segments of the recording. The audios are uploaded to the dashboard and can be listened to downloaded.

Record surrounding sounds

The spy is programmed to be able to turn on the target HTC 10’s mic remotely from the dashboard to record surrounding sound. The audio will then be uploaded to the dashboard where it can be listened to or downloaded.

Text messages monitoring

Text messages and multimedia messages sent and received with the phone through cell services are captured and forwarded by the spy app to dashboard, where the messages are displayed in a chronological view.

GPS locator

The real-time location of the target device is collected by the spy through its GPS service, and target’s location is displayed as a dot on a detailed, updating map presented in the dashboard, with directional information. Virtual fences can be set up on the map, whenever the target encounters a fence, the spy sends an alert and the location information to the dashboard. The spy itself can’t toggle on/off the GPS function, if the GPS function is actively turned off by the target, the spy will determine the general whereabouts of the target through its Wi-Fi host.

Chat apps

Famous chat apps such as skype, snapshot, whatsapp are supported by the spy app. Text messages as well as graphic contents, images, gifs are all forwarded to the dashboard.

Phone manipulation

The spy app itself can be self-uninstalled without leaving a trace, once it’s gone, there’s no way that its former existence on the phone can be proved. The spy is also able to uninstall other apps installed on the target device.

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