How to Spy on Samsung Galaxy S7

There’s no sugar-coating it, spying on your potentially cheating spouse, no matter how horrible that person behaves, should always be considered as the last resort, after you exhausted your means but still couldn’t get an open, honest conversation, then, only then, read the tutorial below and find out how to spy on someone. Well, the answer is disturbingly easy.

How do I spy my hubby’s Samsung Galaxy s7?

Spy tech used to be cumbersome, expensive, somewhat transpiring the image of a plain-looking van, exhausted night, scurry camera lens and plenty of cigarette butts. T These days are past, with the rapid advancing of technology, today’s surveillance techs are powerful, portable and readily available to the general public. The pinnacle of modern spy tech takes the form of a phone app, simple, stealthy and over-powered SPY APP. Once being activated on the target device, the spy app gathers information regarding all aspects of the phone’s usage, encrypt and sent the data to a remote data base where only the authorized person can access. A spy app gathers useful information by recording phone calls, forwarding text messages and pictures received and sent by the target device, reporting the phone’s location (by interference the person’s actual location) in real time, archiving and sending all the messages of the chat apps such as skype, Snapchat, Facebook messages and so forth.



The monitoring service is consisted of two parts, the spy app functions as field agent and need to be installed on the target Galaxy s7, it encrypts and sends the data it gathered from the target phone to the dashboard – a well-designed web portal that displays the information in a comprehensive and clear manner. Phone calls, text messages, audio recordings are displayed and available for download in the dashboard.

View live demo – how FlexiSpy looks and works.

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Live phone call monitoring

What sets FlexiSpy apart from the flock is its unique live phone call monitoring feature, it means that whenever a call’s placed from or received by the target Galaxy s7, whenever the target device’s engaged in a phone call conversation, you’re offered the option to listen to the conversation, directly and discreetly, by simply dialing to the target device. The spy app will then create a virtual conference call that involves the talking party and you, the observer. But keep in mind that the conference call is live by any standard, so if you choose to not mute your own mic, anything you say or the background Nosie from your end will probably be heard by the otherwise unsuspecting party.

Full features of spy app for Samsung Galaxy s7

Recording phone calls

If you’re not in a position to listen live, you can choose to record the phone call and listen to it later. However, the quality of the recording drastically varies depending on the quality of internet connection of the target Galaxy s7, recording an ongoing phone call is a process of concurrent recording and uploading, so at times you may get a incomplete, abruptly ended audio recording because of a not ideal internet connection.

Record surrounding sound

the wired Galaxy s7’s microphone can be secretly and remotely turned on from the dashboard, to record surrounding sound. So you’d have an idea about the real whereabouts of the target to see if it’s contracted with his version.

Call logs

The spy app keeps tabs on calls placed from or received with the target phone. Call logs, duration, number and contact information of the caller or recipient,

Text messages

Text messages and multimedia messages sent and received with the target phone will be forwarded by the spy app and displayed in the control panel in a chronical view.

GPS location reporting

The spy app is capable of reporting the phone’s real-time GPS location on a detailed map, the current whereabouts and the route history of this person is illustrated on the map with dictionary lines and time stamps. The administrator of the spy app can draw a virtual fence on the map, whenever the target enters or exits the fenced area, an alert message will be sent to the administrator.

If the location service is actively turned off on the target Galaxy s7, the spy app will determine the location of the service with the Wi-Fi network information, which tells the whereabouts of signal hotspot, thus the general location of the target can be deduced.

Chat apps

Chat apps like Skype, WhatsApp are among the most used communication tools, arguably more popular than the good old SMS, the spy app is capable of monitoring up to 73 different kinds of chat apps, among them the notable names are Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, iMessage and many more. On a wired Samsung Galaxy S7, all the text messages and graphics like pictures and Gifs are forwarded to the dashboard and displayed in a chronical view.

Remote control

The app itself can be remotely uninstalled from the device and doesn’t leave a trace of it ever being there. The spy app is also capable of gaining the administrative right and uninstalling other apps.


Is it easy to install the spy app?

Yes, it’s similar to installing a regular app, the tricky part is that you are required to have physical access to the phone for about 5 to 10 minutes, it can’t be installed remotely. Once the installation is completed, you no longer need to access the phone again to check the information, all the data are displayed in the dashboard and can be accessed with any web browsers.

Is the app detectable on the phone?

No, once activated, the app operates in complete stealth, it won’t be showing up in the running task view, but there’re signs could indicate that a phone might be tapped, if you turn on the multimedia upload feature (which is turned off by default), the phone’s data plan might be quickly drained and the person of interest may start looking for the culprit.

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