How to make PDF watermark only show in printed files, but hide when viewing

Watermark is a tricky business. It definitely put off some unwanted attentions, yet its presence also a disservice to the fastidious readers who do mind a transparent, irrelevant, little text or image sticking out on the book. So is there a perfect solution to neutralize the harm done by the watermark, meanwhile utilize its power to acclaim your ownership when the PDF file is handed out?

Yes there is, a little app called PDF watermark can make the watermark added on your PDF file hide when viewing by readers but show up on the page when the file is being printed

The app is especially useful when applied to add watermarks to thousands of pages, the task can be automatically done and done lightning-fast. Certainly adding “discreet” water mark is not the only trick the PDF watermark can pull off, the simple app can be very versatile when making watermarks or customizing stamps

The tutorial

  1. Download PDF watermark

    free-downloadDownload For Windows

  2. Start the program, as mentioned the software is simple to use. All actions will be conducted in the presented primary screen


  3. Add PDF file. You can also add a directory or folder by clicking “add directory” option from file menu, if any of your PDF files are password protected, it can be handled by PDF password remover app
  4. Applying watermark, the software gives plenty of types of watermarks for you to choose, when it’ done. Click “Watermark” and select “only show when printed”


  5. Adding watermark to your PDF file
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