How to play iTunes movie on Nokia lumia 920

Can the old king reclaim the throne? From what we see from the Nokia lumia 920, it is promising. The super phone has a bold design, well, Nokia is nothing if not bold in its design. It is rock solid, the unmistakable trademark of a Nokia phone. The spacious IPS HD screen is good for media consuming, which leads to the topic of this article. Suppose you have been an ifan in the past and spent a fortune on the iTunes store for movies and music, now you are strongly intrigued by the Nokia lumia 920, but held back by the apple’s master plan of locking in its walled garden, here’s a tutorial about how to escape.

Movies, audiobooks bought from iTunes are locked by DRM, to play iTunes movies on Nokia lumia 920, the DRM needs to be removed and the m4v iTunes movie file needs to be converted to file format that is supported by Nokia lumia 920, like mp4 or WMV

Play iTunes movies and music on Nokia lumia 920 can be easily done with software solution – DRM media converter, the software is capable of removing DRM from iTunes media files like m4v video, m4p music and m4b audiobook, it’s also a video conversion tool that can convert apple file format to Nokia lumia 920 supported mp4 or mp3

The step by step guide to convert iTunes movie for Nokia lumia 920 & 820


  1. Download DRM media converter for nokia lumia 920, the software is a fine combination of DRM removal and video conversion tool, equipped with a comprehensive codec library that allows you to convert between most of the common video and audio file format
    Download For Windows
  2. Add files to DRM media converter
  3. Set output video format as mp4, for audios the output file format should be set as mp3
  4. Start to convert iTunes movie to nokia lumia 920 supported file type. You don’t have to manually go through DRM removal, the DRM system will be striped during the conversion
  5. When conversion is done, put the DRM-free movie and music on nokia lumia 920

Frequently asked questions

Video files supported by Nokia lumia 920 (to a larger extent, windows phone 8 devices)

Nokia lumia 920 supported audio file formats include WAV, MP3, WMA, AMR,AAC/MP4/M4A/M4B and 3GP/3G2, supported video file formats include  WMV, AVI, MP4/M4V, 3GP/3G2 and MOV (QuickTime). DRM protected media file include iTunes movies (m4v), music (m4p) and audiobooks (m4b) are not supported. That’s where the DRM media converter for Nokia lumia 920 comes in.

Video playback ability could be enhanced by various video player apps in the windows store.

Does Nokia lumia 920 support MKV movie?

Nokia lumia 920 supports MKV files as long as the media codec included in the MKV container is supported. For instance, MKV with dts audio is not supported by Nokia lumia 920, video transcoding is needed.

Besides movie, does DRM media converter support to remove DRM protection from iTunes songs and audiobooks?

Yes, iTunes m4p and m4b are supported by DRM media converter.


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