How to play iTunes movie on windows RT

Unlike the windows 8 pro tablet, windows RT doesn’t get to be treated as a conventional computer, therefore, the iTunes DRM system – FairPlay, which dictates the content, movies, music or audiobooks purchased from iTunes store can be only played on up to five computers. If you are intrigued by the charm of windows 8 and don’t have the necessity to Gopro, and pulled the trigger on windows 8 RT tablet, this is a tutorial about how to convert your iTunes movie to windows RT tablet supported format, by removing FairPlay DRM and convert the m4v video to mp4

Step by step guide to convert iTunes movie to windows RT tablet


  1. Download DRM converter for windows, this software is a desktop application only, the RT version will available in the future. For now, use your windows pc to convert iTunes movie and transfer the DRM free, converted mp4 file to windows RT tablet
    Download For Windows
  2. Add now DRM protected iTunes movie m4v file to DRM converter, not only movies, the music file published before 2009 are DRM protected too, the audio files are normally with the file extension – m4p. If you have any, feel free to use the DRM converter to make them available on windows RT
  3. Set output video format as mp4, mp4 is a universal video format which will be supported not only by window RT, but also any media player devices you have
  4. Convert iTunes movie to windows RT
  5. The conversion may take while, video encoding is relatively computing heavy. After the conversion is over, you will have DRM free mp4 video files, put those files on your windows RT tablet via usb cable
  6. Enjoy!

That’s it, the great immigration from itunes to windows rt is done

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