How to play iTunes movies and audiobooks on LG G5

The LG G5 is a handy media consumption powerhouse that handles a myriad of media file formats gracefully and effortlessly, no matter how obscure the file format is, LG G5 can decode it on the hardware level. However, one thing that even the mighty LG G5 can’t deliver is the DRM protected media files, such as movies and audiobooks published on iTunes, which’re explicitly licensed and technically restricted to be played on iTunes enabled platforms only. Naturally, LG G5’s not invited to the Apple party, the fact its being the new flagship of one of the biggest android vendor doesn’t help its case either.

So we’re left with no choice but to set things right with our own hands.

DRM is perceived as a futile effort to help artists at best and downright corporate greed at worst, so it’s no surprise that the market is abundant with established, sophisticated programs to combat the DRM. DRM media converter is one of the reliable examples that converts DRM protected media files to common file formats that can be played on anywhere, the program is available on Windows platform.


  1. Download DRM media converter, the software is Windows utility that strips DRM and transcode the video to specified format. After the download is completed, install and launch the software.
    Download For Windows
  2. Import iTunes movies or audiobooks to DRM media converter. The files can be imported by simply dragging the files to the program window, or clicking the “add” button on the top-left corner to manually import the files. If you’re not sure where the files are located, open iTunes on your computer, go to library, then right click on any title that you want to add to the DRM media converter, then click “show in file explorer”.
  3. Set the output file format to a common file format such as mp4, mov, m4v… if it’s an audio file, mp3 is the definite best choice, it’s universally compatible and is a advanced codec that keep the file size down while retaining the sound quality. MPEG-4 file format is the video equivalence to mp3 and should be set as the output format when it’s a movie you need to convert.
  4. Hit the “start” button and the conversion begins. Note that if the conversion could take a long time if the program fails to neutralize the DRM local directly, it will resort to record the whole file into the specified format, a process that takes as much time as the movie/audiobook’s running time.



Can I just change the file extension from .m4v to mp4 and play it with my LG G5?

If the m4v files are not DRM locked, then yes since mp4 and m4v are used interchangeably on video files encoded with MPEG-4 compressing method, but if the files are protected by DRM like the movies published on iTunes, then no, simply alter the file extension doesn’t affect the DRM encryption, the file’s still unplayable with LG G5.

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