How to play m4b iTunes audiobook on nexus 7

When it comes to books I personally think nexus 7 triumph the iPad for its portability, lighter and smaller makes it easy to grab with one hand without making your arms sore. If you pull the trigger on nexus 7, this is tutorial about how to immigrate your iTunes stored purchased, DRM protected m4b audiobook to the google nexus 7

M4b files are protected by “FairPlay” DRM system which indicates the audio can be played on up to 5 computers, plus media players, phones, tablets made by apple. Nexus 7, is not included. In order to play iTunes media on a nexus 7, we need to remove the DRM and convert m4b to mp3 which is perfect for playback on nexus 7

The step by step guide to put m4b on nexus 7


  1. Download DRM media converter for nexus 7
    Download For Windows
  2. Now import m4b files to DRM media converter
  3. The nexus 7 supported mp4 audio playback, set the output audio format as mp3
  4. There’s no need to manually striped the DRM protection, which will be gone once the conversion is completed
  5. Convert m4b to mp3 for nexus 7
  6. Now connect the nexus 7 with computer via usb as a media device and put the converted mp3 audiobook on nexus 7
  7. enjoy
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