How to play iTunes m4v on Samsung Galaxy S3

Android’s openness endows Samsung galaxy s3 the ability to play far more video file types than its counterparts of other platforms like iPhone or Nokia lumia 900. And it is a decisively brilliant device for watching movies on, it is the combination of an insanely spacious screen size, advanced display technology and an exynos quad-core chip which makes the HD video playback silky smooth. Even if you are a ifan, it’s hard to say no to such a impressive beast, if you are intrigued, there’s still one thing to consider before you pull the trigger – your iTunes assets, more specifically, iTunes m4v movies you purchased from iTunes store M4v is the file extension for movies downloaded from iTunes, always protected by DRM which restrict the file from playing on Samsung galaxy s3, or any other devices not made by apple. The tutorial to remove DRM from iTunes movie and put m4v on Samsung Galaxy S3 The process is a two step job, remove DRM from iTunes m4v file and convert m4v to mp4 which is perfectly supported by Samsung galaxy s3, the job can be easily done with DRM media converter, a software solution that is capable of strip DRM from iTunes m4v file and video transcoding


The step by step guide

  1. Download and install DRM media converter
    Download For Windows
  2. Launch the software, then add m4v files. Files can be added in batch, you can also convert m4p, m4b iTunes audiobooks with DRM media converter
  3. Set output video format as mp4
  4. Start to remove DRM from m4v, convert m4v to Samsung galaxy s3. You don’t need to manually find or strip the DRM, the process will be handled in the conversion
  5. Go to your destination folder and copy and paste the DRM free mp4 movies to your Samsung galaxy s3


Can I extract sound from iTunes m4v files with DRM media converter?

Yes, export the m4v files to audio format, popular choices are mp3, wma or m4a. For special use like ringtone for Samsung Galaxy S3, you may want to export the m4v video to m4r, which is also included in the codec library of DRM media converter.

How about m4b files? Can I use DRM media converter to make my iTunes audiobook available for Samsung Galaxy S3?

Sure, DRM media converter handles iTunes m4v, m4b as well as m4p iTunes DRM protected music. Easy as pie

Except for mp4, are there any other recommendations for video file format for Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 hardware alone is already a powerful, capable media player, along with the video player apps on Google play, there’s few to none file formats that can’t be handled by Samsung Galaxy S3. Of course, except the DRM protected videos or audio files. So, any popular video format will do. Like mp4, wmv, or the DRM protection striped m4v.

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