How to record music from Grooveshark

Grooveshark might be the best streaming music service across the pond. It gives you the liberty to jump right in without a subscription. The point of the music streaming service like Grooveshark is having music at anywhere, anytime. But this could be compromised if you are in an area with spotty wifi or data coverage. It would be a lot safer just to have your music locally on your hard drive, or on your phone.

This can be done by recording music from Grooveshark with streaming music recorder. This software is engineered to record all sounds passing through the audio channel on the motherboard, original, untrimmed.

How to record music from Grooveshark with streaming recorder


Download streaming recorder for Grooveshark, the software’s interface is simple. With one striking big “Record” button. And this is practically all you need to do. Set and forget.

free-downloadDownload For Windows

Go to, search music to play, have Grooveshark suggesting music to you or log in and play your playlist.

Now hit the “record” button to record music form Grooveshark. You don’t have to set a timer or anything. You don’t have to be precise. The software is smart enough to tell the difference between music and silent part in between and advertisement. When sound is recorded, the software will automatically match this piece of sound with its music data library, to recognize the music and cut the silent part or advertisement, also identify the music with information like artist, album or genre.

The recorded Grooveshark music will be saved on your hard drive as mp3, you can relocate it to your phone or your portable media player as you see fit


I stumbled on a music I would really like to make it to a ringtone of my iPhone, what can I do?

It could be simple, the music recorder is also a music converter. It can convert Grooveshark music to m4r which is the iPhone ringtone file format. You can import the converted m4r music into iTunes, sync with your iPhone and set it as your ringtone.

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