How to remove PDF password

Disclaimer: only use the tool when you have the legal right to view the content on the password protected PDF file but somehow don’t have the password (various scenarios can be applied in here). The process of PDF password removal is relatively straightforward and includes various techniques for the two password protected situations – the owner password security and the user password security

How to remove user password to view the content

A password required to open the PDF file is called user password, to circumvent the user password is by no means a complicate task when a capable sophisticated software solution is applied. The PDF password remover, a desktop utility that capable of cracking the user password that prevent the PDF from unauthorized viewing and the owner password that could be applied to restrict printing, copying and editing of the PDF file.

The step by step guide to remove password from PDF on windows and mac

The software is a cross platform application that has both windows and mac versions available for download

  1. Download PDF password remover, the PDF password remover is a small and simple desktop utility with a succinct user interface

    free-downloadDownload For Windows

  2. Drag and drop the password encrypted PDF files to PDF password remover, also, if you have a PDF that can’t be printed or copied, the PDF password remover will be able to remove


    the restrictions. Generally, cracking PDF password is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much time and computing resource, if you have a lot of secured PDF files, add them all.

  3. Set the destination folder to store cracked PDF files, you can choose to decrypt the original file or create a new password free PDF with the original unchanged
  4. Click “start” to remove PDF password


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