How to split multiple PDF files by pages

We all actively avoid repetitive works. The PDF splitter comes as a bliss for people who have to sit for hours to split a PDF document by pages, by various manners. The PDF split is a small and versatile utility that specialize in splitting PDF. No so ambitious huh? The software developer’s goal is to breakdown the almighty adobe acrobat pro by dispersing and refocusing the PDF editors’ prowess into various highly specified tasks, scenarios. Like split PDF by pages and bookmarks or convert a PDF to word document, thus making the hefty acrobat affordable and efficient. The PDF splitter is a standalone app and doesn’t require the presence of adobe acobat pro.

The step by step guide to split PDF by pages with PDF split

Download the app

free-downloadDownload For Windows

To single out a certain part from the PDF file, in the “select range” menu, choose “part”. And input the start and end page number.


While the range is chosen, define rules.     Generally there are three splitting methods provided by the PDF split app. The app is very flexible in splitting method, you can certainly split the PDF file by every pages, every n pages. Also, you can split PDF file by bookmarks, if the PDF file is secured from inserting a bookmark, you can use the PDF security removal tool to sort it through.

Define the rules according to your actual PDF file and click split. The speed the app handles its job is instantaneous. You will have your PDF file split into pages in a moment of time

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