How to split PDF by bookmarks

If you want to split a large PDF file and want things to be organized, by inserting bookmarks to the desired part of the content and split from there will be an advisable strategy.

Make change to a PDF files doesn’t always require the hefty, expensive adobe acrobat, sometimes, a specialized PDF app will function much more efficiently and affordably on a specific task, specific tasks like split a PDF file by bookmarks or split PDF by pages.

Step by step guide to split PDF by bookmarks


  1. Download PDF split, the PDF split application is a standalone program, to edit a PDF file with PDF split, you don’t need to equip the adobe reader or adobe acrobat. The software will be able to handle acrobat PDF files created from acrobat and applications like Microsoft office or Google chrome, but if the files is a printer scanned version, you need to ocr the scanned PDF to documents.

    free-downloadDownload For Windows

  2. PDF split is versatile in how to split, split by bookmarks is one from its many methods. For instance, you can also split PDF by pages by defining the numbers and split, the PDF file will be divided into smaller files contained your defined number of pages.
  3. If the PDF file is password protected, you need to enter the user password before the PDF split can operate, the password setting will be automatically endowed on the output smaller PDF files. By any means, If you are not aware the user password, take a look at how to crack password protected PDF.
  4. Okay, the name pattern, chances are that there will be multiple smaller PDF files after split, to keep things organized, the PDF split is able to output the split PDF files with name pattern, since we are splitting PDF by bookmarks, by defining the name pattern as {bookmark}, you will receive a bunch of smaller files with the file name as the bookmark name.
  5. All set, split the PDF file by bookmarks.



About the file names of the smaller files, can the software name them with bookmark names?

Yes, PDF split supports name pattern feature, you can set the name pattern as {bookmark}, the split files will be renamed with the bookmark name. There are also other name patterns like page count or page range.

I’d like to keep the restrictions in the new files, is this possible?

It is possible. PDF split support output security, you can keep the owner password to protect the new files from printing, editing or copying.

I don’t have adobe acrobat pro, can I use this software?

PDF split is standalone software which doesn’t require the presence of adobe acrobat pro.

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